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Global Campus


Being product-oriented speaks to the heart of entrepreneurship education. It seeks to find problems worth solving and create solutions in the form of products or services that create value for others. This facilitates authenticity in all that learners engage in. Rather than creating for checklists, contrived notions of norm-referenced grading, or projects that will never be seen or put to practical use, product-oriented learning finds authentic needs and creates authentic solutions for them.

The concept of a global campus is available to lifelong learners through our hyper-connected world and the technological innovations created for it. In today’s society, rather than relying strictly on the classroom and its teachers for knowledge acquisition, learners can learn for anyone, with anyone, and from anyone — anywhere. We tap into this concept through the global campus in which learners (whether young or old) can connect and learn for, with, and from others throughout the globe.

From differentiated instruction to personalized learning pathways, learner diversity is a highly recognized construct and one that education has sought to address to some extent. By making our work personalizable, however, learners are invited into the process. Personalization is not done for them but with them and by them. What’s more, learning becomes strengths- and interest-based, capitalizing on each learner’s unique jagged profile and their ICEE identity.

Value Creation

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